Rihanna Named The Richest Female Musician in the World
I think we would all stand under her umbrella of incredible success. Come on Mr. DJ Mr. DJ Mr. DJ Mr. DJ!!  OKAY, here’s how she became a true icon. Rihanna has banked a $600 million fortune after launching a few profoundly popular businesses in makeup and lingerie, according to Forbes...
Top 40 Pop Songs – June 2012
PopCrush is rounding up the Top 40 Pop Songs for June 2012 to let you in on what’s going to be sizzling up the charts this first month of summer. After sorting through tons of hot pop and crossover tracks, we’ve come up with the list of Top 40 Pop Songs for June 2012 based on radio airplay, the most-searched songs on PopCrush, and the overall reception from listeners.
Another DJ Earworm Mashup – United State Of Pop 2011 (World Go Boom) [Video]
DJ Earworm is back with another mashup!  DJ Earworm, whom is a San Francisco/London based DJ, started doing the United State Of Pop mashups back in 2007 and has released one every year since.  Basically, a mix featuring the top 25 tracks of the year all mashed up into one.  They're always very ear catchy and so far 2009's has been my favorite, but hold on, he released 2011's on Christmas Day and i