Fake Facebook Post About Whataburger ‘Dollar Burger Day’
You gotta be careful with the stuff you see on Facebook, and I'm here to help you identify what's real and what's fake. THIS is a FAKE! This ad supposedly from Whataburger advertising a "Dollar Burger Day" at its locations is actually not true after patrons began to flood the restaurants Facebook page asking if it was real or not...
Awesome Pizza Rat Prank [VIDEO]
  Haha...This is hilarious and didn't take much to pull off. Just a remote control car, fake rat, and a slice of pizza. Peoples reaction got me cracking up!   Credit: PrankvsPrank
Top 5 Awesome Ways To Scare Trick Or Treaters This Halloween
Well, it's almost that time! Halloween is right around the corner. For those of you who are up for it, we have a small list of great ways to spook the neighborhood kids as they come up to your house to get the halloween goodies. If you have never had the chance to scare the bejezzus out of a bunch of little kids, this is your chance...
Funniest Chainsaw Prank Ever [VIDEO]
What a horrible to wake up out of a good dream your having. I can totally see my friends doing this to me...Haha! Funny thing is that living in Texas this would be perfect to do to some out here because of the stories of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre... ...

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