Amarillo Schools Trying To Have Live Graduation And Prom
A few months ago Amarillo seniors were excited for the end of the school year. They had proms and graduation to look forward to. They were ordering their caps and gowns and shopping for dresses. Then Spring Break got here and the beginning of the end of the hopes of returning to the classroom.
The 10th Annual Second Chance Prom at The Netplex
Every year they throw an incredible event for adults who missed their prom in high school or just want to re-live it! The Second chance Prom is on April 21st from 7-11 pm at the Amarillo NetPlex. 100% of proceeds will go straight to Martha's Home.
Man Prom Proposal To Taylor Swift
A man from Nashville records a prom proposal on YouTube for one of his favorite artist Taylor Swift. In hopes he gets a reply back from Taylor Swift, he tells her they will make memories for life. I hope she replies back to him.
Credit: David Solon
Project Cinderella
It is once again prom season!  And Kiss FM is so proud to say that this is our 6th year helping out young ladies with Project Cinderella!  Also, our 2nd year to help out the young men of our community in what we've dubbed Project Cinder-fella!

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