Does Never Wet Really Work On Clothing? [VIDEO]
As I put the NeverWet product to the test, I'm trying it out on different things.  My first experiment was a pair of shoes, and it worked, I think it would have worked better if the shoes were a more smooth texture, but I digress.  Today, as I continue my Never Wet Week, I try it out on one of my favorite shirts to see...does NeverWet really work on clothes?
Does Never Wet Really Work On Shoes? [VIDEO]
I've been wanting to check out this product, NeverWet, ever since I first saw a video about it on YouTube.  In the video, effectiveness on many different items is displayed, from an iPhone, to clothing and shoes.  I found some for like $9 over the weekend at Lowe's, and thought hey if it really works, nine bucks well spent!  I'm doing different items at a time, and I've started with shoes.  Does N
How Do You Keep Your Shoes And Other Things Dry? NeverWet! [VIDEO]
Our 2014 storm season is approaching.  It doesn't particularly rain a lot in Amarillo, but when it rains, it pours!  Check out this cool product that keeps your stuff dry!  NeverWet works like some kind of magic!  The name says it all, it keeps what you apply it to never wet.  From clothing, shoes, cell phones, even turn a cardboard box into a cooler!  This stuff is crazy!