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From the Derp Files: Sheryl Crow Knew About Lance Armstrong’s Doping
Sheryl Crow has always said she felt bad for ex-fiance Lance Armstrong as stories of his doping swirled and his Tour de France titles were stripped -- but no one ever asked her on the record if she knew what was going on during her two-year relationship with the disgraced cyclist. But in the wake of Armstrong’s big Oprah interview, new information has come to light that indicates the Grammy Award-
Sheryl Crow In A Bikini! Warning, Only Look If You Have A Strong Stomach! [Photos]
So I was doing my typical Monday scatter over the world wide web and see whats been happening routine when I found these pictures of Sheryl Crow and got a little scared like it was the boogie man or something!  I think tons of men, and women, have found her to be very appealing to the eyes, but that ends today.  I hate to tear down one of my childhood crushes, but Sheryl Crow kind of has and old m