Carlos Mencia Returns To Amarillo
Are you ready for a great night filled with laughs?  Well, we have it for you!  Carlos Mencia is returning to Amarillo for one night only. It always seems like forever between visits from comedians.  But it is happening, 'The Latin Comedy Jam' Presents Carlos Mencia...
The CW Fall 2013: Full Trailers for ‘The Originals,’ ‘The Tomorrow People,’ ‘Reign’ and More!
A few weeks ago the major networks released both truncated and, later on, full trailers for their new offerings, while The CW largely released extended clips from each new series. That all changed tonight as the teen-centric network released the full set of trailers for its upcoming, sci-fi heavy season, including 'The Vampire Diaries' spinoff 'The Originals,' sci-fi dramas 'The Tomorrow People,'
Jeff Dunham Brings His Disorderly Conduct Tour To Amarillo And 96.9 KISSFM Has Your FREE Tickets!
Yup that's right!  Jeff Dunham, the puppet man himself, is coming through Amarillo at the Civic Center Coliseum on April 12th!  We're very excited to have one of the hands down best comedians in the world coming through, and you say there's never anything to do in Amarillo haha!  Here's the best part BTW, we've got your FREE TICKETS and even free Blu-Rays of one of Jeff's best shows that we're jus
See ABC Family’s ’25 Days of Christmas’ Full Schedule
If you're a Christmas fan, then you know that TV plays a large part in the Christmas experience. It's just a fact. Whether you're a Rankin-Bass traditionalist (hello, 'Rudolph's Shiny New Year') or a Grinch-head (you're a mean one!) or you just like generic sitcoms with Christmas subplots, Christmas TV is a holiday must.