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Anti-Abortion Laws In Texas Shut Down All But 8 Facilities
Only 8 of the 44 facilities in Texas that provide abortions are left after a law that requires all clinics to become ambulatory surgical centers to take effect.  Last week alone, 13 clinics were shut down.  The 8 left open are all in areas with a high income, about $61,000+ on average for the median household.
Should Texas Legalize It?
Medical marijuana has its pros and cons, as with most medicinal drugs,  Yet, even with the proven benefits for medical marijuana used with cancer, HIV/AIDS patients and even veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Texas still has yet to consider making medical marijuana legal.  Is it time for the state of Texas to re-think this issue?
Young Conservatives Of Texas Create Catch An Illegal Immigrant Game In Austin
As I read the title of this story, I was immediately offended, thinking some spoiled brat college students were encouraging other college students to go out looking for illegal immigrants and catch them for a prize.  I understand why people get so worked up about illegal immigrants, but at the same time, I don't see why anyone would want to punish a human being for wanting to better themselves.  I
Who Has The Most Stolen Guns? We Have The Most Stolen Guns!
  Texas is hands down the greatest state in the nation!  That's why I proudly where a tattoo on my arm boasting "Made in Texas"!  We have everything in this state.  Texas could be it's own nation and sustain.  This southern state leads the nation in producing computer chips and communications equipment.  Not bad for a state that everyone thinks is backwoods and all the people ride a hors
Texas News – ***AMBER ALERT*** Missing & Endangered 12 Year Old Girl! Please Share And Share Again Until She’s Found [PHOTOS]
Amber Alert out of Cedar Hill, TX coming at you!  The Cedar Hill Police Department is on the hunt for for Sommer Brown, a 12 year old female, that the police believe to be in grave and immediate danger!  The suspect who is believed to be the one that abducted Sommer is driving a Gray, 2006, Ford, Expedition with a Texas Temporary License Plate Number of 86P 3357.