Amarillo's Most Stolen Cars
Did you know July is "Watch Your Car Month?" Historically, more vehicle thefts and auto burglaries occur in Texas during the month of July than any other month.
Who Has The Most Stolen Guns? We Have The Most Stolen Guns!
  Texas is hands down the greatest state in the nation!  That's why I proudly where a tattoo on my arm boasting "Made in Texas"!  We have everything in this state.  Texas could be it's own nation and sustain.  This southern state leads the nation in producing computer chips and communications equipment.  Not bad for a state that everyone thinks is backwoods and all the people ride a hors
Lindsay Lohan (Again) Won’t Be Prosecuted After Stealing Jewelery
Lindsay Lohan is a hot topic!  She's wrecking hotels and wrecking homes to steal jewelery, but won't be prosecuted, again.  Naturally, I didn't expect her to be so you shouldn't have either.  After stealing $100,000 in jewelery from Sam Magid, she won't even get a slap on the wrist, because she probably got slapped somewhere else!
Local Amarillo Teen Has His Car Stolen From Westgate Mall
Just received a phone call from one of our listeners who wanted to report his car stole. It's a Burgundy 1988 Toyota Camry. to some might think it's a junker but to this teen it has a lot of sentimental value to it. It was stolen last-night from the parking lot of Westgate mall around closing time. The teen was with his Mom & Dad hanging out for Family night walking around the mall when they r

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