Some Americans Never Use the Internet
In 2021, it seems odd to think that there are people who never use the internet in the United States. It seems as though everyone is online all of the time or at least that everyone has access to the internet, but that simply isn't the case...
Facebook Messenger App
I kept noticing that Facebook kept trying to download the Messenger app.  I didn't want to download it, I have too many apps on my phone and I didn't need another Facebook app, I mean I have 2 already.  So each time that goofy little squirrel, gopher, rodent kept popping up every time I sent a message I kept ignoring it.  Well now it seems everybody is up in arms about this app and here's why.  It
Make Your Own App
Conduit Mobile has been getting a lot of shares on Facebook about their "create your own app" page.  3 simple steps, and you've made your own app.  Sounds perfect for that great app idea you've had stewing in your brain right?  Don't get your hopes up...

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