A New(ish) Way to Get the Low Down in Amarillo?
We all know Reddit is not a new thing, we hear about it everywhere. I just moved here a few weeks ago and being a Reddit fan, I figured there was a decent community on Reddit.
To say the least, it came up short... Check it out HERE.
For those of you that are unsure about Reddit here is the google defi…
xanax clothing being sold
In today's society, prescription drug problems are on the rise.  So when a company tries to profit off of it, it makes me sick to my stomach.  A boutique in L.A. is taking some major heat for selling drug inspired clothing.
‘Koalaing’ Could Be the Cutest Web Photo Trend Yet
Forget (if you haven't already) milking, planking, hadokening, any of those-ings that were internet fads for a hot minute. They've been replaced. They're done. Koalaing -- that's the trick o' the day. It involved clinging as tightly to a pole or tree as possible like a koala…