Red Eyes Because Of Urine
Ever wonder why you have red eyes after swimming at the pool. Most of us have always thought it was caused by chlorine but now it has been confirmed that theory is wrong.
Girl Pees Herself Live On TV [VIDEO]
During a live TV shot a girl has an issue doing the interview. While this Greenville, Ms reporter thinks she is just doing a regular interview the girl she is interviewing all of a sudden she starts doing the 'Potty Dance' and whispers to the reporter she has to pee. The...
Woman Hides Urine Filled Bottle In Vagina To Pass Drug Test
I swear I am not out to find a bunch of vagina related stories today, it just seems to be a common theme of crazy-ness across the Internet.  This one involves a woman from Dade City, FL, whom hid a bottle filled with urine in her vagina so that she could pass a urine analysis, but still failed!…