Someone Broke Into The Walgreens On Georgia
I feel like I am a constant fixture at two places near my house. I live at Market Street United and the Walgreens on Georgia. Those are my go-to places. Just stopping at those two places can get me anything I need for the week.
Lets Play A Game-How Much Was All This?
Ok to all you wrestling fans I have some cool WWE swag and even a John Cena shirt I'm going to throw in. I went shopping at walgreens and look at everything I bought. First person to guess how much all of this is to the exact dollar and cent I'll hook you up with this WWE swag pack...
Walgreens Is Now Selling Artificial Vaginas
Oh how I wish I was just making this up to give you some laughs today, but alas, I am just not that creative.  I couldn't fake this story if I had to!  MSN made a fantastic find on Walgreens website about a new item being carried by the drug-store.  I like shopping at Walgreens, I can pretty much ge…