Python Snake Bites Woman’s Nose [VIDEO]
This is a perfect reason why you should respect a snakes space. This woman went to kiss  a snake ends up getting bit by a python. She was bit on her nose and treated at a Hospital before being released to recover at her hotel.
Credit : YouTube Steven Layne
Stop With The Monkey Business!!
A zoo in Louisiana is getting sued because the zoo is allowing a chimpanzee to smoke cigarettes and drink sodas.
The lawsuit states: "Defendants have for decades allowed members of the general public to throw items into Candy's cage, including lit cigarettes that Candy smokes...
Alligator Rips Off Man’s Bumper [VIDEO]
This is what happens when it's gator vs. truck. This shows why you should not mess with an alligator but also don't under estimate its strength. I can't believe the gator ripped off his whole bumper. I guess that's what the guy gets for egging the gator on....
Family Nearly Attacked By Lion
Who said lions aren't smart? This could have easily became very ugly if she didn't have a quick reaction to locking the car door after a lion tries to opening the door with its mouth. This family had a experience of a life time after visiting South Africa....
Llamas On The Loose In Arizona
It's not everyday you see a couple Llamas just roaming around. You definitely wont see two Llamas running crazy in the middle of the city on a busy afternoon. These two llamas were caught on video having a hay day on a high-speed chase through suburbs of Phoenix. Eve...

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