Python Snake Bites Woman’s Nose [VIDEO]
This is a perfect reason why you should respect a snakes space. This woman went to kiss  a snake ends up getting bit by a python. She was bit on her nose and treated at a Hospital before being released to recover at her hotel.
Credit : YouTube Steven Layne
Stop With The Monkey Business!!
A zoo in Louisiana is getting sued because the zoo is allowing a chimpanzee to smoke cigarettes and drink sodas.
The lawsuit states: "Defendants have for decades allowed members of the general public to throw items into Candy's cage, including lit cigarettes that Candy smokes...
Alligator Rips Off Man’s Bumper [VIDEO]
This is what happens when it's gator vs. truck. This shows why you should not mess with an alligator but also don't under estimate its strength. I can't believe the gator ripped off his whole bumper. I guess that's what the guy gets for egging the gator on....

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