I woke up this morning that it was finally time to reach out to one of my teachers who had an impact in my life.

It was my 3rd grade elementary teacher Mrs. Deeke who really had a impact in my life on who I am as a person. There are people who go to work everyday because it's a paycheck for them.

But there are people out there who do it for the passion and the message they want to send to others and that's what I learned from Mrs. Deeke! It wasn't just a paycheck for this 3rd grade teacher it was the HEART she had for kids and how she wanted to see every single student she had be successful and to live life to the fullest.

I remember Mrs. Deeke would reward kids with Happy Meals from McDonald's for good attendance or good grades. She was one of them teachers that would make you feel excited to go to school the next day. I feel like teachers are underpaid and not recognized enough for what they do and the influence they have on kids.

Today was a good day to find her and give her a surprise call just to say "Thank You!"...I reached out to a few friends back home to see if we can locate her and hours later I received her home number.

Check out the audio to hear her reaction!

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