I'm sure everyone has seen the yellow short bus with Minions painted on it rolling around town. Who's drives that bus and why?

Haha...Well I own the bus, and yes it's my personal vehicle. What's my purpose for it? Well just the satisfaction of me driving the yellow short bus around town and seeing how many people smile when they see it. I also use the bus for private parties to serve shaved ice and dj music out of it.

I consider the bus as the Hacker's "Tour Bus" and its here to make you laugh. Today with a few hours to spare I decided to surprise the kids at Elmwood park. Amarillo Parks & Rec do a Summer Lunch program for kids where they do activities and give them free lunch.

Kids love the program and look forward to it everyday. So I thought it would be a good idea to roll up and serve some free shaved ice fr the kiddos on this hot day. Check out the video t see how excited they were!

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