Be on the look out for pot laced candy in your kids trick or treat bag!  Then take it and give it to your dope smoking cousin.  His brain cells are already gone anyways.  But on a serious note, be on the look out for candy that is actually laced with THC, the chemical found in marijuana that gives you the buzz. 

The video has some good things that you should be on the look out for.  From candy that looks like normal everyday candy, but is actually "magical" candy, to brownies, to cookies and even more well hidden drugs being passed out to children.

Why on Earth would people be doing this?  What kind of a sick person intentionally passes out candy to kids that has only 1 purpose, to get them high.  Then they're all stoned walking around, tripping over pumpkins, mugging other children so they can buy crack, hey it's a gateway drug!  Now your nephew finding your stash in your jacket pocket because you were to irresponsible to leave it at home like a smart pot-head, that's one thing.  But purposely giving children pot laced candy!  Makes me wanna beat the pot outta somebody.

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