Looks like the experts in the industry can't agree on a forecast for this upcoming tornado season.

We had our first major tornado of the season in Alabama this past weekend killing 23 people. We always keep an eye on tornados in Texas and a new report from Accuweather had us a little worried. AccuWeather projects a higher frequency of severe weather risks in the traditional Tornado Alley. The states to be impacted the most will include Oklahoma, Kansas, and parts of Texas and Nebraska.

A tornado that is marked as "severe" has winds 158 to 206 mph. With that report, many people paid attention, including other meteorologists. One report from The Washington Post cites a number of weather experts and professors who want AccuWeather to "show their work" in its 2019 predictions.

“They are simply being very unscientific,” wrote Scott Feldman, a meteorology graduate from Iowa State University. “There is really no way to know … until a few days before a severe outbreak. It misleads the public into thinking we know more than we do so far in advance.”

All I know is, you should always have a plan in case a tornado hits. Always talk with your family about what to do in case of an emergency situation like this. If you're not sure what to do, Ready.gov has a great tornado preparedness information to get you started.

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