The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch in effect until 10pm tonight for pretty much the entire Texas Panhandle except the most northern portions.  This does include Amarillo, so brace yourself for severe weather, and keep it KISS-FM for all your updates as we progress through this afternoon & evening!

According to the National Weather Service, high wind gusts and close to baseball sized hail will be the biggest risks, yet we shouldn't count the tornado possibility out!  As it's been reported by News Channel 10 that we have already had some small landspout type tornadoes down by Floydada.  A landspout tornado is pretty much a "dust devil", but they are a sign of the "growth stage" of thunderstorms and can potentially produce EF-3 damage, but are typically not that hazardous, the down force winds from storms being produced are what cause them.  I'm not a meteorologist, I just know how to use Google :) and I got some friends that are, okay I cheated a little.  Anyways, back to the matter at hand.

We'll keep the situation monitored closely as the storms develop across the region, and keep you and your family safe, just listen to your radio and look for more updates from us to come out here on the website and on our Facebook page.