'Transformers 4' is happening and while we don't know much about the film, we do know this much: it will be directed by Michael Bay, hence it will star a hot young girl. In previous installments it was Megan Fox or Isabel Lucas or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley but with an all new cast lined up for 'Transformers 4' (headed by Mark Wahlberg), Bay is out searched for fresh blood. So what girls does he have in his sights?

THR reports that Michael Bay and Paramount are hard at work trying to find two new leads to work with Mark Wahlberg in 'Transformers 4,' which is set to begin production relatively soon. Bay is looking for the next Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (shh, we don't talk about Megan Fox around him) for the upcoming transforming robots action flick, which is, if you couldn't tell by the number, the fourth installment in the franchise.

Word is that Wahlberg's character will have a daughter, who has a race car-driving boyfriend, and casting is underway for both parts.

For the ladies, Bay is testing Isabelle Cornish (sister of Australian actress Abbie Cornish), Nicola Peltz (the upcoming series 'Bates Motel'), Margaret Quallay (daughter of Andie MacDowell), and Gabrielle Wilde (the upcoming 'Carrie' remake).

And for the gentlemen, Bay is currently perusing Luke Grimes ('Taken 2'), Landon Liboiron (the upcoming Netflix series 'Hemlock Grove'), Brenton Thwaites (the TV movie 'Blue Lagoon: The Awakening' -- wait, what?), Jack Reynor, and Hunter Parrish ('Weeds').

Sources also say that the actors will be beholden to three-picture deals, so we hope they like green screens.