Do you want your child to be in a child care setting where they are watched and instructed by trustworthy people who love children?  Should they be patient, kind and gentle? They should be trained and certified to be competent to both teach and care for your child’s safety and well-being, right?

Look no further!  Unique Individuals has all the special resources to care for your special little one.

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At Unique Individuals, they take their work with your children seriously.  They have a central mission which is kept close to heart and they will be sure to leave a lasting impression on each child.

Core Purpose and Promise:

Respect the rights and dignity of each child as an individual, recognizing that every child has unique abilities and interests and meet those needs in an inclusive educational environment;

Prepare the foundation for a lifetime journey of learning by implementing best practices that exceed child care industry standards;

Encourage children to think for themselves as individuals in an environment of compassion and community culture;

Instill core values that make a difference in the lives of children;

Provide children and staff the opportunity to grow and feel their own successes each and every day;

Network collaboratively and cooperatively with neighborhoods, businesses and agencies…and to never lose sight of the importance of the bond they're forging  together!