People have different ways of handling a break-up. Some woman handle depression by  music, or maybe eating chocolates but this woman handled being dumped by eating chicken for 7 days.

Shen, 26 from Chengdu, China, couldn't handle the heart break and memories of good times of her and her now ex-boyfriend at home so she stood at a KFC for a whole week near a train-station before she headed back to her apartment. There’s nothing like some southern-style fried comfort food to get over a bad breakup...Right? She said that once she started eating chicken  it gave her time to think. She even went to the extremes of calling in to work and camping out at KFC. So your wondering how did she get away without getting kicked out, well the KFC she was at is open 24 hours a day. So nobody really noticed her. Shen eventually left home after local media arrived asking to write a story about her.