No matter where Asha Mandela goes, she's the mane attraction.

The Atlanta woman owns the record for longest dreadlocks at 55 feet long. Mandela has been growing the locks, which now weigh 42 pounds, for a quarter of a century.

Mandela says her hair, which she washes once a week, is responsible for her overcoming cancer, as well as two strokes and a pair of heart attacks. And while it may have some mystical powers, the hair has actually caused issues for her spine and her back. Doctors say it may even lead to paralysis, but she won’t cut it, claiming it would be akin to suicide.

Sounds like she might be thinking with her hair and not her brain.

Check out the video below of Mandela washing her hair a few years back when her mop was 'only' 19-and-a-half-feet long:

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