A good man is hard to find. As opposed to a man who robs a woman on their first date.

Police in Boynton Beach, Florida recently arrested Donald McGee after he stole a woman's car while on their first date.


Nimeha Milien had never met McGee before their first date, but they had exchanged some texts and, eventually, she agreed to pick him up on a street corner, which, come on, should have been a sign she wasn't about to enjoy a night on the town with a Chamber of Commerce board member.

Milien drove McGee to a park where they talked and enjoyed what appeared to be a regular date. She then drove him to a Wendy’s parking lot, where he claimed his brother would pick him up. Of course, when a date ends in a fast food restaurant parking lot, you probably shouldn't be too surprised when things go south quicker than a couple retiring to Florida.

Usually, there's an awkward "Will he kiss me?" moment that accompanies many first dates, but not in this instance. When they pulled into the parking lot, McGee whipped out a gun and ordered Milien out of the car, which is about the worst way a date can end. Milien flagged down a car and followed McGee, while calling 911. Cops chased him for eight miles before apprehending him.

As far as a second date, well, you can probably guess whether or not that will happen. As a matter of fact, Milien says she has no plans to date anyone for the time being. That should give her some time to improve her screening process beyond, "Hey, I'm going out with a guy who I only know from texting."

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