Pet lovers often consider their pets part of the family, but when is it crossing the line.  Have you ever or will you ever give your pet a baby shower?

In today's society, pets are practically part of the family.  Some people even go as far as buying clothes for their pets.  But have you ever been invited to a doggie wedding?  How about a puppy shower?   Well they exist and it is shocking on what is going on at these events.

Over the weekend my neighbor came over and invited me to her dog Bella's puppy shower.  I thought she was joking, but the look on her face when I laughed clearly said otherwise.  I went just to see what it was all about and it freaked me out.

The house was decorated with all kinds of 'baby shower' type decorations but with puppies instead.  There were snacks and she even had games ready to play.  Everyone invited brought pets of their own.  And gifts were expected.

We do not have pets so this really blew my mind.  I understand that people consider their pets family, but throwing showers, birthday parties and weddings is a little much.  I will say, however, that my son had a blast!