My family found out the hard way. Getting a test for Covid-19 right now in Amarillo is a little harder than it has been. If you're looking to get one, you might have a hard time doing it.

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Yes, There Is A Shortage Right Now

New stories have been coming out this week about a shortage of tests. Last night, my wife and I were wanting to find somewhere to get one of our kids tested, and pretty much everywhere we called either was out of tests, or being very picky when came to who qualified.

This included calls to urgent care facilities and pharmacies. If you're needing a test, I highly recommend calling ahead first to find availability.

Our only option left was a trip to the ER.

A Trip To The ER Should Be Your Last Resort

We wanted to take our kid in because one, he's had to be in quarantine this past week after coming into contact with someone who was positive at daycare. Two, he's been showing symptoms that could possibly point to Covid.

Finally, at about 12:30 AM we decided to go for the last resort and make a trip to the ER. If you've been to the ER anytime recently, you know that it isn't a quick trip.

Hats off to our health care workers. They've been through more than most of us can imagine. Their workload is never ending. Staffing has been a big issue in some places.

So when I say that the wait was long, and waiting on results took a decent chunk of time, I'm not knocking the people who are being worked to the brink and beyond. It's just the way it is right now.

There Are Still Resources Available In Amarillo For Covid Testing

You can follow this link to the City of Amarillo's page for Covid testing where you can make an appointment.

Contact your pharmacy and see if they have tests available. Some places are enforcing guidelines right now intended to stretch their stock of tests. Call ahead of time.

It Feels Like You're Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

This past week I've talked to two people who are worried about being able to find tests. One is a single dad who has two sons that both have to show a negative test before being allowed to return to school. The other has been told that her employer is requiring everyone to return to the workplace, and you must show a negative test to be back in the office and on the job.

Both are trying to get tests scheduled, and are keeping their fingers crossed.

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