If your daughter was repeatedly getting teased for being small chested. Would you purchase her breast implants? A family out of Texas decided to purchase there 15 year old daughter breast implants for Christmas. They decided to do this after their daughter was being bullied at school for being small chested.

As you may have heard on last-night's show bullying is a big issue across the nation. As we all have learned that bullying happens in many different ways. This 15 year old has been teased most of her life and at this point it's gotten out of hand. School officials have been unwilling to step in and stop the bullying as they say they don't know who is all involved.

Mother says:

"Were tired of our daughter getting teased and bullied around. We have reached out for help from her school and not getting any answers . Nothing has been resolved. Our daughter who has a 3.5 grade average in school should not live in fear to go to school to get her education. Why are kids being focused on my daughters chest instead of school! This has caused a lot of depression to our daughter with all the teasing so we're taking it upon our own way of handling this issue!"

The family has contacted a private surgeon in Texas who will be performing the breast implants for the 15 year old girl! The surgery will happen a week after Christmas..Do you think the parents are handling this the wrong way.

I don't agree with the whole bullying thing it's not right their daughter is going thru that! But is she too young to be getting breast implants? There's also many stories out there of breast implants gone wrong...