I am from New Jersey. But I have lived in Amarillo for over two years. One thing I have learned is how to eat a steak here in Amarillo. Here are the 5 things you need to know when eating steak in Amarillo.


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    Buy Local

    We live in Amarillo. The beef capital of the country is Hereford which is just about 40 some minutes away. It is not hard to find a local cut of beef. Sure, you could find a good cut of meat at the local big chain grocery store. But if you go to a local butcher, you know he's going to give you his best cut of meat. Mostly because he wants you to come back and that is a good thing.

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    Let The Steak Rest

    Ok, I am with you. I see steak, I want to eat steak. But the old saying is true. Good things come to those who wait. If you want your steak to be great, you will have to wait. How long? It is suggested that you let the steak sit on a counter for at least 10 minutes to bring it to room temperature.  It is also suggested that you let it sit for 10 minutes after cooking as well. The reason why is that it will cook evenly and the juices will stay in the steak instead all over your plate. This will give your mouth an avalanche of flavor.

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    No Sauce

    Don't get me wrong. A1 sauce is delicious. I use to put it on everything. That was until I found out it was a crime against humanity. Well, it was a crime towards cattle. I was told by a wise man from Amarillo and I quote, "Boy, you are in Amarillo. If you need sauce to eat a steak, just order the chicken". The point the very scary Texan man was making is that a steak (if cooked right) has so much flavor in it that you don't need sauce. I have had a good steak and now I know better.

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    Do Not Over Cook It

    Do you want to save money? Instead of buying a steak just go out to your car and start chewing on one of the tires. That is basically what you are doing when you order a steak "well done".  I made this rookie mistake as a child but now I know better. Getting a steak "well done" will cook all the juices out of the steak. When it's cook like that, you will need sauce. If you need sauce please re-read number 3 on this list.

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    The Best Way To Order Steak Is...

    According to a poll, I did with folks that live right here in Amarillo, they all agreed on one thing. The best way to eat a steak is medium rare. I mean look at the picture of the steak to the left. It is beautiful! If you don't want a steak now, you may want to move out of Texas.

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