Well this is some sweet action!  Amarillo's own, Brittani, was featured in Maxim Magazine's Home Town Hotties!  That's what being a hot blonde with 34, 23, 34 measurements will get you!  Congratulations to Brittani, from the entire KISS-FM staff!

Brittani was featured in last week's girls in the competition.  It was awesome to see her on the website, seeing "Amarillo, TX" on the website next to her name was pretty awesome too!  Her profile gave some insight into her life here in Amarillo and the things she likes to do for fun, and even some behind the curtain stuff.

What's the most unusual place you've ever hooked up? How'd it go?
Tour bus bunk bed...it was a tight squeeze but I still got the job done.


Hey as long as it wasn't Nickelback's tour bus!  If it was, I've lost all respect for her!

All joking aside, congratulations and thanks for representing Amarillo in Maxim Mag's Home Town Hotties!

Your awesome Brittani!

See her full page in the Home Town Hotties by clicking here.