What the heck is "pink slime meat"?  It's like a bad hot-dog, like potted meat only nastier, and it's been pulled from many fast food chains across the nation, but it hasn't been pulled from some school districts.  They feed this meat product, that is basically waste, to the humans that need good food sources the most!  Lumping this filler that consists of scrap and waste meat, mainly, connective muscle tissue, stuff that's used in dog food!

Pink slime is basically the crap on the floor of slaughter houses.  In a nutshell, all this waste meat product is swept up off the floor, then chemically treated to kill any bacteria or dangerous pathogens, then portioned out into meat products like a filler.  It's been added to hamburger patties, hot-dogs and probably the school meatloaf too, because that stuff was nasty.

It's being reported by MSNBC that the USDA has been purchasing this gooey pink slime meat and using it to fill products for years.

They are also reporting that "school cafeterias nationwide receive part of the ground beef they serve from the USDA. It purchases 7 million pounds of that same waste meat product, which will be sent to schools all over the country."

Of course there is no official report on which school districts in particular are receiving this meat that contains the pink slime, but it's safe to say it most likely hits every state on the North American continent!

It's time to bring back those old school lunch boxes that have the thermos in them.  A homemade lunch is always healthier anyways.  This just goes to show you can't trust what is being fed to your kids at school.

For the full story, visit MSNBC.com here.