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Things Never Said In Rap Songs
Every once in awhile I hear a lyric in a rap song that makes me smile. For example, " I drop bombs on your Mom". It gets me every time. There are few lines that are still free to use.
What Class Did You Wish You Didn't Slack Off So Much
School starts soon. Parents are getting their kids ready for their first day. Some parents start to think about their first day in school. Some start to think, “I should have tried harder in that subject”.
What You Can Eat For A Buck In Amarillo
If you trying to make it till payday, you know it’s hard to find a quick meal for just a few dollars. So, if you have a few bucks in your pocket, you can get these fine things to eat.
Things That Make Amarillo Happy
If you are not feeling like yourself these days, there are things you can do to make yourself feel better in just few seconds.
What Texan Would Wear These
So, a guy in Missouri came up with a great idea for the summer. Taking two things people like to wear and mash into one thing.
What Are You Hiding In Your Bra
Sometimes it's just easier to put stuff in there. It makes getting what you need a little faster. Ladies, what are somethings you keep in your bra?
Where To Get Great Souvenirs From Amarillo
If you are leaving town to see family or friends you might want to bring a gift from Amarillo. If you need something cool to take from home, here are some good places to pick up some great stuff.