Yes folks, after my poll yesterday and the overwhelming response to my "Do Skinny Wraps Work" question, the challenge has been issued, oh and it's on!

Next Wednesday, it's a Does It Work Wednesday!

Myself, Tommy The Hacker and 2 amazing KISS-FM listeners, Candace and Manuel are all going to take on the challenge!

We'll all take before photos and measurements of our stomachs, then we'll apply the wraps, and see what happens!

Will we see noticeable differences?  Or are we going to find these things to be a scam?

The answer will be revealed on a new edition, Does It Work Wednesday!

A special thanks to everyone that commented on the topic and got us thinking we needed to try it for ourselves!

And a BIG THANK YOU to Stephanie Lemmons, It Works!  Independent distributor of Amarillo.  If you'd like to contact her and give the Skinny Wraps a try for yourself, call her at 806-236-0034!