This is a little disturbing and I am urging men who get grossed out easily to stop reading.  I recently heard of something called a period party and I cannot believe moms would do this to their children.

When I first of the 'period party,' I was completely grossed out.  It is bad enough that women have to deal with menstrual cycles, but why announce it to everyone.

The 'period party' is the newest thing going on.  Moms are throwing them for their daughters when they experience their first menstrual cycle.  They invite a bunch of family and friends and celebrate.

Wait what? Yes apparently this is the newest thing going on.  So what goes on at these parties?  Let me tell you.

First off, it's a party so there is going to be food.  Most moms have a theme and make foods that incorporate the color red to represent blood.  Disgusting, right?  They will have red velvet cake or strawberry shortcakes, red punch or jello.

Of course, you can't have a party without games.  Some popular games are tampon basketball, pin the chocolate on the girl, puberty bingo and other 'period' related games.  They will even ask all the family and friends to bring their favorite tampon or pad for the daughter to have a variety.

The mom will then ask the guests to give advice before wrapping up the party.  I guess this is the new coming of age party.  Let's celebrate your bodily fluid because you are now a woman?!?

If you need help throwing a party, there are companies that are willing to help out.  From the napkins to the games.

In my opinion, this is insane!  If my mom would have thrown me a period party I would have died of embarrassment.  Some things are meant to be kept private, and this is one.  Never in my life would I have thought to do something like this.

Have you or would you throw your daughter a period party.