Customer Finds Live Cockroach In Salad At Starbucks [VIDEO]
Tia Ewing found a live cockroach in her Starbucks salad as she had lunch there. She tells CBS: "As I am eating, in the bottom I see something black. It happens to be a beetle. It's alive. It's still alive and I am mortified. I started recording because I knew nobody would believe …
The New Coffee Shop “Dumb Starbucks”
Starbucks most widely know for their coffee, started up in Seattle, Washington in the early 1970's. In Amarillo we have three Starbucks coffee shops across the city. What if one you could open up your own Starbucks shop with out getting into trouble?
Is This the World’s Most Expensive Starbucks Drink?
People who get their morning jolt of caffeine from Starbucks are accustomed to the steep prices, but Logan Warren of the site Geek on Call may very well have found the exact combination necessary to create the most expensive Starbucks drink in the history of ever.
The tab? Almost $24.00.

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