Have you played the game of driving around Amarillo and reminiscing about what used to be? If you have lived here any amount of time this becomes a fun game. Sometimes you have vivid memories about things.

Sometimes you need help from your friends. So it becomes a thing. I like driving around the Georgia Street area because that is where I have lived the longest since I moved out on my own.

That is the area I have the most memories. I remember going to the KMart on Georgia before it became a Home Depot. I remember shopping at Homeland before it was a Dollar Tree. Those trips to Homeland were way before the United Supermarkets became an everyday thing for us.

Have you noticed the changes that have happened at Wolflin Village? I spend a lot of time in that area. I am still noticing things. I didn't notice until recently that Wolflin Village is really two areas. One part is where the Office Depot sits now.

Then Wolflin Village Part Two consists of Starbucks through Nothing Bundt Cakes. So many stores have been a part of Wolflin Village then and now. We used to be able to rent our movies on a Friday night at the big Hastings in Wolflin Village.

We used to do our shopping at Boots 'n Jeans, again in Wolflin Village.Do you remember all the stores of Wolflin VIllage?

Wolflin Village Then and Now (Part 1)

Wolflin Village has seen a lot of changes over the years.

Gallery Credit: Melissa Bartlett/TSM