I swear I am not out to find a bunch of vagina related stories today, it just seems to be a common theme of crazy-ness across the Internet.  This one involves a woman from Dade City, FL, whom hid a bottle filled with urine in her vagina so that she could pass a urine analysis, but still failed!  Now that's a true EPIC FAIL!

WTSP reports that 20 year old Mishelle Salzgeber was arrested for violation of probation and was booked in jail on Monday.  A body scan was performed and it revealed what seemed to be a bottle of some sort inside her.  Do I really have to tell you where again?

The bottle was removed during a strip search and it turned out to be a small-empty Vodka bottle.

Salzberger admitted to police that the bottle was filled with a friends urine and she used it to pass a drug test for probation, but the urine that her friend gave her came up dirty and she failed the test anyways, which of course led to her being arrested.

And that's your dumbest crook of the week.

See the full story and check out the gallery for pics of Mishelle's mug shot and even the body scan x-ray pics here at WTSP.