An Amarillo Ride That Terrorized My Daughter
My daughter was in town over the weekend. Since it was Father's Day we got to talking about our Mother's Day versus Father's Day plans every year. That moved us on to Wonderland since we always knew we would spend Mother's Day at Wonderland Park.
Why I Chose To Pre Plan My Funeral in Amarillo
I know this is not a fun topic to discuss. It does not kick off any party... but we are all going to die. I just have a plan! As I am getting older in life I know that I don't want to cause a lot of stress on my daughter. So this made sense for me.
If You Can’t Act Right At McDonald’s, Stay The Hell Home
Do we need to start training restaurant employees in self-defense? How does this crazy sh#t keep happening? I'm absolutely amazed.
Here we have another case of violence on fast-food employees just doing their job by telling a customer that the store policy does not allow multiple flavors in one …

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