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Shock Collar Question of the Day – May 12
The game show Jeopardy has been on since the 1960's. Analysts went over every episode to figure out the most common categories, like Before and After, Literature, and Word Origins. They also analyzed which category was most common in final Jeopardy...
Phone Tap: J.Lo Needs A Room
Jubal calls a woman who works at a front desk at a hotel. The hotel is fully booked but that won’t stop Jubal from trying to secure a room for his A-List client, maybe you’ve heard of her... Jennifer Lopez.
#BowWowChallenge – May 12
Rapper Bow Wow (aka Shad Moss) got punished by the internet this week after posting to Instagram an image of a private plane and a caption telling fans he was coming to New York. Turns out though, he was actually taking a commercial flight and there are snapchats to prove it...
Second Date: Audrey and Justin (Vow Do Over)
Audrey and Justin met at a wedding. Audrey was a friend of the couple, and Justin was the videographer who MISSED the vows and had to ask the couple to re-do them in the middle of the ceremony. She felt bad for him and they hit it off, but why won't he call her back...
Phone Tap: Cell Phone Dentistry
Jubal calls a woman who has been avoiding the dentist for a few years and she’s been having some tooth pain. He’s gonna need to check out that tooth over the phone. You’ll see what he means soon enough.
Whatcha’ Doin’ At Greek Week? – May 11
Our intern Suelin is a studious college student with a bright future. So who better to head down to the local college to ask a simple question... "Whatcha Doin' At Greek Week?"
Read more: http://www.brookeandjubalradio.com/onair/brooke-and-jubal-58006/whatcha-doin-at-greek-week-may-15821861…
Phone Tap: Bar Mitzvah Boob Cake
Jubal calls a special bakery that does custom cakes and he has a peculiar request for a cake. The baker seems very hesitant to complete the order though, and you can probably figure out why.
Read more: http://www.brookeandjubalradio.com/onair/brooke-and-jubal-58006/phone-tap-bar-mitzvah-boob-cake-158…
Second Date: Cara and Michael (Flat Bottom Girls)
Cara thinks that her date with Michael fell apart along side her Chipotle Burrito. Ever since she had a mess on her hands after a burrito blowout, she hasn't been able to get ahold of him. She's hopeful for a second date but is the burrito really the cause of all this...

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