The Texas Panhandle is known for its fair share of cow towns.

Because there are so many dairies, feedlots, and farms around the Texas Panhandle, some of the towns are only populated by three or four families. It's not uncommon to meet people who graduated with five, eight, or eleven people.

We wanted to find out just how small some of these towns are. All of the information we gathered is based on census information, so there may be towns with smaller populations, but the number is not available online.

Here are 10 of the smallest towns in the Texas Panhandle.

  • 1


    Kerrick is basically in Oklahoma, located in the northwest half of the Panhandle near the state border. The population is about 25.

  • 2


    Kelton's population is about 34. The town is located east of Wheeler.

  • 3


    The estimated population of Pringle is 40 people, but this town doesn't even have a website, so it could be more or less. Pringle is located between Stinnett and Gruver.

  • 4


    Lipscomb, a small town of 44, is off the beaten path, several miles southeast of Perryton.

  • 5


    Summerfield is just west of Hereford. The population is about 75.

  • 6


    Waka is on State Highway 15 between Spearman and Perryton. The population is somewhere around 76. They do have a post office.

  • 7


    Umbarger is between Hereford and Canyon and is home to the popular restaurant, Rafter G. The population is 97.

  • 8


    Farnsworth is a small town of 106 people. Farnsworth is between Perryton and Spearman.

  • 9


    Mobeetie is only a few miles east of Pampa, but the population is only 108.

  • 10


    Washburn is made up of about 120 people. The town is 20 miles east of Amarillo.

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