One can only aspire to accomplish such feats in their twenties as Sam Smith has in just a few years, including a slew of Grammy Awards, an Academy Award and a mention in the Guinness World Records.

In an industry crowded with divas, Sam’s most endearing characteristic is his modesty. Even with his emergence as one of pop’s most significant breakthrough artists of 2014, it's Sam's humble charm that makes him practically irresistible.

With the “Writing’s on the Wall” warbler celebrating his 24th birthday this week (May 19), it gives us more reason to gush over the British sensation with some little-known tidbits. It goes without saying that Sam is a man of many talents, but you probably wouldn’t believe us if we told you that your favorite singer once used to scrub toilets to earn his living. Or would you?

Check out our gallery above to learn some surprising fun facts about Sam that you probably didn’t even know.

Happy birthday, Sam!

Sam Smith Birthday GIF

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