Every year the Salvation Army has their Angel Tree in Westgate Mall.   Over 2000 angels were on the tree this year.  However, many still remain.

Photo Courtesy: Salvation Army
Photo Courtesy: Salvation Army

In fact, 400 angels are still waiting to be taken.  These angels represent a child.  That is 400 children that will not have a Christmas without your help.

Just stop by the Angel Tree in Westgate Mall, it is just off Center Court.  Pick an angel, the the angel let's you know, the gender and age of the child, their needs and a few of their wishes for gifts.

Then you go by your presents, and bring them back to the Angel Tree in Westgate Mall by December 17th.

The Salvation Army would also like to remind you that if you have chosen and angel and still haven't dropped the presents back, please do so by December 17th.  They have 600 angels who haven't had the gifts returned.


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