So the kids have dug into the Halloween bags. They've pulled out all the stuff they like, and at this point, probably consumed every one of their favorites.

Now, those bags are filled with candy they aren't a fan of. Maybe you've got a bunch of leftover candy from trick-or-treaters that didn't stop by, and you have no intention of you or anyone in your household eating it all.

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One of the most popular things that happens after Halloween is when places start to do candy buybacks from people.

Truthfully, I had never really heard about candy buyback programs until we moved to Amarillo. I do like the concept of them though, but there's one I saw that is happening today, November 4, that I was all about.

Amarillo Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics is giving you $2 per pound up to three pounds of candy that you bring in. And no, they aren't going to eat it themselves or just throw it in the trash. They are doing something with it that makes me smile.

All the candy they buy back will be sent overseas to dozens of local military members that are currently serving and away from their families.

The event will take place at their Wolflin location, 2300 Wolflin Ave, between 3-6 pm. They anticipate collecting anywhere between 200-300 pounds of sweets to ship overseas. If you have a specific military member overseas you'd like some candy to be shipped to, you can provide the name and address to ship it to either at the event or by emailing them at

Kids will get some goodies at this event as Amarillo Crime Stoppers will be out there making ID cards for the kids, and the Amarillo Zoo will be bringing a special visitor to the event. It's a secret, so don't ask who that visitor is...I truthfully have no idea.

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