With everyone going back to school, that means backpacks are getting thrown on the ground and left there, open no less. Kids will throw random stuff in their backpacks, and there are things that end up in there that weren't intended.

This is the extreme, but somehow parents guns have ended up in their kids backpacks and it just happened recently. While I don't see that being a common occurrence, there are definitely some embarrassing items that end up in those bags.

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So I thought up a few items that could end up in a kids backpack unintentionally that would end up being embarrassing to the kids when they realize they're in there...and potentially even more embarrassing for the parents of those kids.


Look, this is one I'm actually worried about in my house right now. Our youngest is still in diapers, and everyone likes to try and play basketball with them after changing her. Imagine opening your backpack only to find out that someone did indeed score a bucket with the diaper...but it was in your backpack.


I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about here. Not embarrassing for a female to have these things in their backpack, if they're of age where they need them of course. However, imagine being a boy of any age and finding one of those curious packages in your bag? Now imagine people in class saw it. Yikes.


Ok, not embarrassing from a standpoint of the kids at school. I mean, everyone can easily laugh at that one. However, what if you have a stay-at-home parent who is searching high and low to change the channel off of Judge Judy and it's nowhere to be found? Now it's embarrassing.


Remember how mom told you she packed a sandwich for your lunch? Well, you forgot about it and decided to buy lunch that day. That sandwich found it's way to the bottom of your backpack underneath your binders and books. One day, you go to pull a book out of it and see a plastic bag. You grab the baggie out and inside it is a sandwich that looks like it was hanging out at the bottom of the ocean collecting seaweed.


I'm not sure who this would be more embarrassing for, the kids or the adults. Depending on the age of the kid, it could be not only embarrassing but traumatic for them. As their parent, it's embarrassing on so many levels. Those are your special time things that you don't want your kids knowing you have, nor do you want to explain what they are. If I were you, I'd keep those in the safest place possible without risk of it ending up with your kid at school.

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