Websites all over the Internet have been buzzing about the new Batman news.  Ben Affleck has been chosen to star as the caped crusader in the Man of Steel movie.  The news was kind of shocking, so I have compiled a list of 5 ridiculous actors that would actually make a better Batman than Ben Affleck.

Besides Argo, Mr. Affleck hasn't really had a home run career.  So I began thinking of the different actors that are just as ridiculous but would make a better Batman.  Enjoy!

Jet Li

Besides being a Kung Fu badass, Jet Li wouldn't even need a stunt double. He could totally pull off Bruce Wayne.

Zack Galifianakis

This doesn't even need an explanation does it?

Robin Williams

If he can play an old woman, he can definitely pull off Batman.

 James Franco

He has been a stoner, a wizard, a gangsta rapper, so why not?

Jonah Hill

This would definitely be entertaining.  The most unlikely is always the hero and he would surely be unexpected.

You are probably thinking what the heck is up with this list, right?  Well, that is exactly what I thought when I heard Ben Affleck was up for the role.  Who do you think should play Batman?