6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj rallied their fans to help them get a No. 1 record, but things quickly changed a week later.

6ix9ine and Nicki's "Trollz" officially topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart on June 22. However, the following week, on Monday (June 29), the "Fefe" collaborators took a plunge on the Hot 100, landing at the No. 34 spot on the chart. Nicki and Tekashi's fall from No. 1 is one of the most significant drops in Billboard history.

According to Billboard, the record plummeting down to No. 34 is partially related to digital song sales and streaming. Digital sales is decreased 92 percent while streams have dropped 62 percent. This is the charting system's steepest fall in Billboard Hot 100's nearly 62-year history. In the song's first week, "Trollz" sold 116,000 copies, marking one of the biggest weekly debuts since May 2019. The music and merch bundle created by the two New York rappers also contributed to their success, but unfortunately, the hype did not transfer over to the next week.

Last week, while celebrating his victory with Nicki Minaj, 6ix9ine ranted about how he could not be stopped despite the music industry trying to blackball him.

"Didn't I tell you, nigga?," Tekashi began in a celebratory Instagram clip. "I can't be stopped, nigga. Didn't I tell you? And we got blackballed. You can't blackball me. Listen, I'm telling you, I'm going on a seven-day rant. You better unfollow me 'cause I'm going on a seven-day rant."

There is no denying the shock value that came with Nicki Minaj and 6ix9ine's "Trollz" brought in a lot of spectators. Nonetheless, the song's momentum has curtailed, which is reflective of their current Billboard placement.

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