The mother of 6ix9ine's child claims that she hasn't heard from the rapper or his mother after he was released from prison early due to the coronavirus outbreak.

According to a report from TMZ on Thursday (April 23), Sara Molina, the mother of Tekashi's daughter, Saraiyah, claims that the rapper has not reconnected with their child since being released from prison. 6ix9ine was granted permission to serve the rest of his prison sentence at home on April 2. Molina also claims that 6ix9ine's mother actively maintained a relationship with the daughter while the Brooklyn rapper was incarcerated, but that reportedly changed once he was freed from prison.

In the report, Molina claims that while Tekashi was behind bars, he reached out to her mother to set up neutral locations for her and his mom to meet. Apparently, those meetups were seamless. However, the mother of 6ix9ine's child claims that right before the rapper was due to be released from prison, his mother stopped communicating with her.

Sources close to the rapper claim the reason Tekashi has not reached out to Molina or tried to reconnect with their daughter is because of the coronavirus. The outlet claims that the rapper wants the pandemic to subside and that he is prioritizing the safety of their child.

According to the outlet, Molina is reportedly trying to reestablish a romantic relationship with 6ix9ine and is allegedly using this as a means to get back with him. Sources additionally claim that this could be why the rapper is eager to sort out a custody arrangement in court. Molina says Tekashi's mom is welcome to visit the daughter, but the rapper seeing their child may not happen soon.

XXL has reached out to 6ix9ine's reps for a comment.

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