People from the Panhandle are in desperate need of some of these practical gifts.

A Hair Brush: Because let's be honest... these West Texas winds are no joke and we all need some help getting those knots out.
Repunzel Brushing Her Hair
thedisneyfairytale, Tumblr
Gas Mask: For those mornings you walk outside and realize Hereford blew in.
Jack Sparrow Gagging
Pouca Ideia, Tumblr
Boxing Gear: For when someone starts the Toot'n Totum vs Pak-a-Sak debate. Or God forbid.... Sharky's vs Chipotle.
Edward Norton Punching Himself
MRW Gifs
Sunglasses: For when out-of-towners ask where your horse is or start singing "Amarillo by Morning" and you have to hide your extreme eye roll.
Little girl getting frustrated
Bravo / Via
Netflix Subscription: I don't think any Amarillo native would turn down a month or two of free Netflix because sometimes there is literally nothing to do.
Spongebob Watching TV
Gifs For The Masses, Tumblr
A Clever Disguise: Every Amarilloan has that one person from high school that they absolutely DO NOT WANT TO SEE, but that person seems to be EVERYWHERE. So a good disguise could come in quite handy.
Man in horse mask on subway
Fire Extinguisher: For when we don't give a darn and light our fireworks during a burn ban, because America.

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