Having a baby is a fun exciting time!  It's, even more, fun finding out the gender of the baby you are having.  Here are some cool gender reveal ideas you may not have considered. 

First, there were baby showers to celebrate the newest member to the family.  Then came diaper parties to get the dads involved.  And now, families are celebrating with gender reveal parties to share the exciting news with family and friends.

It seems that everyone around me is having a baby.  LOL.  Over the past year, I have seen some pretty cool gender reveal parties.  Here are some ideas you may not have considered.


If you or your partner are baseball lovers, this is perfect for you!  You get a ball with colored powder and have the mom to be pitch the ball to the dad to be.  When the ball is hit, the colored powder will explode revealing the gender of that precious baby.  You can get jerseys made and use baseball as the whole theme.


This is the most common gender reveal.  You get a cake or cupcakes that are dyed either pink or blue.  When you cut the cake or bite into the cupcake, the gender of the baby will be revealed to everyone.


This will be a simple, fun way to celebrate.  And everyone loves balloons.  Get a giant box and fill it with either blue or pink balloons.  When the parents open the box, the balloons will float out revealing the gender of the baby.


This could be fun!  Get a balloon and fill it with either pink or blue confetti.  Then you have the mom and dad hit the pinata until the confetti falls out.  The anticipation will build as the couple hits the pinata.


Have the parents wear white clothing.  You then have the guest shoot them with paintballs colored either pink or blue.  When the paint splatters on the white clothing, it will reveal a boy or a girl.  Be cautious with this one because I've heard paintballs hurt.


You get a bunch of balloons filled with pink or blue paint.  You pin them on a board and let the mom and dad to-be shoot arrows at it.  The balloons will pop and splatter the paint everywhere letting you know what you will be having.


This one I have only seen once and thought it was the coolest thing.  You find a powdered drink that doesn't have any color to it until it is mixed with water.  The couple I saw used a Khool Aid powder.  Then put it in a glass.  When the parents are ready to make the reveal, they will just need to pour water into the glass.  The liquid will begin to take color, either pink or blue.


You know when you were a kid and you made a volcano using baking soda and vinegar?  This is the exact same concept.  You make your volcano and fill it with colored baking soda.  You can use any food color to do this.  When it's time for the big reveal, you just pour vinegar into the volcano.  Your guests will be so excited not only to find out the gender but to see the volcano explode!

These are just a few ideas for your gender reveal party.  Have you seen any cool gender reveals?

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