If you have little ones, you might have missed this fun movie and I am not talking about Peter Rabbit.

As expected Black Panther made even more money at the box office this weekend. It made over $108 million dollars this weekend. Bringing its total over $400 million. Pretty amazing. But I needed something a little bit more friendly for smaller kids.

This weekend my girlfriend and I had her two little ones. They are both over the age of 5. When I looked at this weekends line up of movies, there was only one in the top 5 that was a kid movie. That movie was "Peter Rabbit". I did not hear great things about that movie. So I looked further down the list and found the movie, "Early Man".

The movie is British stop-motion adventure comedy by Nick Park. It stars Tom Hiddleston who known as Loki in the Marvel movies.

The story is about cavemen who are stuck in the stone age. They live in a valley where they keep to themselves and hunt rabbits. They have driven away from their home when an army from the Bronze Age led by Lord Nooth (Tom Hiddleston).

It is discovered that Bronze Age people workshop the game of football (Soccer). A game that the cavemen figure out their ancestors invented. The cavemen challenge the Bronze Age football team to a match. If they win, they can return home to their valley.

On Sunday, I bought some tickets for my girlfriend and her two small boys. They are 2 and 3. We head over to the Cinemark Hollywood 16 for an early showing.  The little guys got up in their seats with their small popcorns and drinks and laughed the whole time. It was a fun movie with jokes that were safe for little ones to see.

"Early Man" came in number 10 at the box office this weekend. This was its first weekend out in theaters. It is getting overlooked by a lot of big name movies. But if you are looking for a fun movie for the kids. You might want to check this one out.




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