The city of Amarillo is certainly growing bigger and bigger everyday. Which another project is underway over by Tascosa Road near Western and the Amarillo Blvd. A sign is up and reads "The Trails at Tascosa Golf Club..Coming soon."

The land behind where Stanley Marsh had "Toad Road", is now becoming a new housing community. If you are going west on the Amarillo Blvd. and too the right you can see the work already being done. Workers have been digging out dirt and leveling areas for the layout.

  • Home sites are being prepared on the 300-acre development scheduled to hit the market by spring 2018.
  • Likely feature modern upscale homes,Streets will be named after famous Texas Panhandle ranches.
  • Man-made lakes,miles of bike and walking paths, over 250 trees, and small athletic fields.
  •  40 acres along Western Street and West Amarillo Boulevard, plan to use as commercial space.

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