"To catch them is my real test," indeed.

Niantic, the creators of the Pokémon GO, is facing more than a little bit of backlash this week from trainers around the world following the release of one of their latest app updates to the massively popular game.

With the Pokemon GO 0.31.0 update, players immediately noticed a few tweaks — the most obvious being that the "Footprints" tracking system for their Pokémon is now gone.

"Players are merely presented with a vague list of nearby critters. It might still be possible to walk around and 'hunt' Pokémon simply by looking at their relative positions in the list, but you could be ten meters away from one and 150 meters away from the next, in any direction," Android Police reports.

Third-party Pokémon tracking apps, like PokeVision, are reportedly being shut down by the company. Niantic CEO John Hanke himself said he's "not a fan" of the tracking apps.

Players are not having it.

Among other updates, the game now allows players to further customize their outfits and now provides warnings like "Do not play Pokémon GO while driving" upon opening the app.

Since it seems you'll need to be walking (and/or GO-ing) around outside a lot more, we hope you're wearing comfortable shoes out there. Stay alert. But please, don't try and find 'em at a museum. Or Rihanna's concert.

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